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timbo_6Premium Custom Gi’s and Rash Guards

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Build your own brand. We can help your school develop a profitable and authentic custom brand to set your school as a professional and elite school in your area. Our design and production team can help you develop your project from the design ideas all the way to completed product.

Stock your pro shop with custom labeled and branded gis and rash guards that help your school and/or your brand succeed and have an edge over the competition!



Step 1 – Choose Your Style:

1. TKD V-Neck Style
2. Karate Fold Over Style
3. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Cut
4. Judo Cut
5. Hapkido Cut
6. other (Kung Fu Jacket, Polo Shirt Style,

Step 2 – Choose Your Material

Family Photoshoot-7Here is what you should consider when selecting a weave:

  • Lighter gis are great for training in the summer or hot weather climates
  • Lighter gis are perfect for sport karate or taekwondo where grabbing gi is not allowed
  • Thinner gis make it easy for your opponent to grab your gi and get a strong grip on it
  • Thicker gis make it harder for your opponent to grab
  • Thicker gis can be harder to maneuver in if it is not the right fit
  • If you are near your weight limit in competition, lighter gi’s maybe preferable
  • Thicker gis tend to be more durable and last longer


481477_4732504026157_243453675_nothers are available, please ask if what you’re looking for is not listed.
1. 10 oz – great for TKD
2. 12 oz – Middleweight – great student gi
3. 14 oz – Heavyweight Gi – (like Ironman gi) heavier duty for grabbing onto
4. 15-16oz – Super Heavyweight Gi –
5. 10 oz  Rip Stop Material – great for cross training. Light enough for TKD sparring and strong enough for BJJ grappling.
6. 12 oz Rip Stop Material – Like Hayabusa’s Gi. This is a great lightweight training gi for stand up arts and/or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
7. Single Weave
8. Double Weave
9. Pearl Weave
11. Gold Weave
12. Bamboo Gi
13. Hemp Gi

Step 4 – Choose Your Colors:

Any color is fine. Fabrics have limitations however if you have a Pantone #, we can almost exactly match your colors for stitching/embroidery.

Step 5 – Contact Gary Engels to Get Mockup/Design Made:

Gary’s Cell Phone: 715-892-3839

Gary’s Email: garyengels -at- gmail dot com



Step 6 – Contact Gary to order:

Gary will send you an invoice online for your records.
Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AMEX are accepted forms of payment.

  • Sample Gi’s are available for purchase before order is made if required. (Click Here)
Sample Gis
 qty 6-49 Wholesale
(qty 25)
 50+ up Wholesale
(qty 50)
Karate Gi, TKD Dobok (10-14oz) $195.00 $78.00 $1,950.00 $73.00 $3,650.00
Standard BJJ Gi $195.00 $94.00 $2,350.00 $89.00 $4,450.00
Premium Gis (printing inside) (Bamboo extra +$20) $250.00 $109.00 $2,725.00 $104.00 $5,200.00
Rash Guards $49.00 $29.00 $725.00 $26.00 $1,300.00
TShirts (3 Color)  na $9.00 $225.00 $8.00 $400.00
gi bags  na $8.00 $200.00 $7.00 $350.00


A bunch of Enso Customs gis with our instructor Royce Gracie


Dear School Owner/Brand Owner,

This is Gary Engels, Owner and Designer at Enso Customs, and I just wanted to introduce myself. At ENSO Customs we are seeing more and more businesses successfully increase their profits by selling our custom branded products to their retail customers.

10671212_10207519449559981_4684629015619131711_nWe are helping businesses like yours build their brand by providing customized Gis, rashguards, and shirts easily and cost effectively.   We do this with no minimums and fast turnaround times.

I will work with you on your design, your layout, your branding and help you come up with a perfect gi for your school that matches your desired style, weight, cut, and design. Then, I’ll get the gi made for you through my trusted and skilled production department. I will personally make sure every gi that comes from Enso Customs matches your specs that we’ve agreed upon and that you are happy. Let’s be honest, I want to create something for you and your school that you want to keep reordering for years to come.

12717804_10153247293016039_47086625016764368_nLet us know how we can help you benefit from more retail sales of your own Custom Branded Gis and Apparel in your pro shop.

Remember that Enso Customs is built around serving businesses like yours.  We provide all of our customers:

* Wholesale pricing on custom branded products that sell. Fully Custom Branded Gis from $63-$109 ea. 3 Color Tshirts for $8ea. Rash Guards for $26ea.

* Point of purchase materials to help you increase your paycheck with more retail sales

* Build their brands with custom Gis, T-shirts, and Rashguards with no minimums

* Immediate Customer Service. You speak directly with US Based designer over the phone or through email.

Kindly call me back as soon as you can at 715-892-3839 and I can provide you with everything you need to get you started.   Talk to you soon!

12688271_10207758022044144_6234292834517179624_nGary Engels
Contact Info: 715-892-3839